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Customer care phone
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If you’re trying to find ways to enhance and innovate your customer experience, why not delegate parts of your support tasks to your customers themselves? It’s not as crazy because it sounds since studies show that 90% of consumers expect businesses to supply a web customer portal. This figure suggests that customers aren’t against the thought of addressing their own concerns. With customer portals, your clients can quickly access features and tools that permit them find out the answers to their issues and queries. Among the various features they will use are the knowledge domain, chat services, and repair requests. Most importantly, customer portals enhance customers’ experience and satisfaction together with while allowing your team to specialize in more pressing and sophisticated tasks.

What is a customer portal?

A customer service portal is a software interface or digital sharing space that gives your customers access to services and information about your business. The portal gives your customers access to resources and support features to deal with their concerns. Moreover, they can also submit support tickets or contact your customer care representatives via live chat if they can’t find a resolution.

Customer portals allow users do the following:

  • Create and track support tickets
  • Review your business’ policies and documents
  • Access your knowledge domain and FAQs
  • View account and payment information
  • Download digital resources
  • Upload information

Customer portals give your clients a primary line of support, empowering them to seek out information, request services, and resolve issues with zero to minimal waiting time. This improves the customer service experience and increases consumer satisfaction.


By offering customer portal solutions, you gain a plus over your competitors who don’t . Below are a number of the foremost important advantages of getting customer service portals.

1. Provide access to information 24/7:  The best part a few customer service portal is that it works nonstop to offer your clients access to key information. For instance, during a vacation or after business hours, clients can easily find the knowledge, resources, and support functionalities they need without expecting your reps to return online. This enables them to resolve questions and issues more efficiently.

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2. Improved agent productivity: Your customer portal software reduces your customer care team’s workload. With fewer tickets and calls to handle, they will focus more on assisting customers who don’t use your support portals. With service portals, your agents can efficiently resolve queries and issues and supply better care to every customer email or call, improving the standard of your customer service. In addition, Smart Mikey can also be your virtual assistant on any task. Check us out on Fiverr

3. Capture relevant customer issue information: A customer portal can capture information relevant to the customer’s issue, usually via ticket forms that allow users to feature custom fields to supply more specific details that streamline customer communication. The collected data, like the order number and other information, give your service reps a more complete context of your customer’s problem. This reduces your back-and-forth correspondence and helps your agents offer customer issue resolutions more efficiently.

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Highlight your customers’ most pressing and customary concerns: Do most of your customers have login issues? Do they often call your customer service reps for help with their admin settings? Customers should be ready to find the answers to their questions quickly, saving them time and energy. Determine the highest reasons why your customers need your support team. After that, create a guide that addresses these concerns then make the resource visible, even prominent, on your self-service homepage. This enables customers to get immediate answers to their common queries.

  • Update your content: Continuously update and improve your knowledge domain to avoid giving outdated or maybe wrong information to your customers. First of all, out-of-date information frustrates your customers; it increases complaints, resulting in calls and emails flooding your customer service team. Secondly, it ruins the customer experience, which in turn, hurts your brand image. Keep your customer portal resource updated to form sure you’re providing accurate and helpful information to your customers.
  • Keep support tickets secure: Customers share personal information through support tickets. Thanks to the sensitive information your company is processing, confirm that anyone accessing the info has the proper clearance and can only use the knowledge for its intended purpose. This would require customers to login to look at their tickets so as to keep them secure. Implement additional security measures, like multi-factor authentication, to limit access to only the customer and avoid sharing the data with unauthorized people.

Build your customer portal today with Smart Mikey so you don’t unnecessarily delay customers once they need support. It equips them with the tools they have to deal with their concerns and to interact better together with your company. Also, by providing a customer portal, you lighten your customer support team’s workload, allowing them to extend their productivity and work on other, more complicated, tasks.

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