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Smartmikey is a software development company that designs and builds high quality websites to promote your business, showcase your work, establish you web presence and grow your profits online. We have a keen eye for creativity and excellence, lightning fast deliveries and affordable services. 

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Main Features
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Whats Unique About Us

We deliver highly efficient, visually appealing websites within a few days.

With numerous years of experience in software development and our smart team of developers, we have what it takes to cater for your needs.

Our web applications have firewalls activated to prevent attacks or hacks.

We design flexible and dynamic websites that look great and perform well on all screen sizes and devices. Contents can be easily updated and changed from time to time.

With Smartmikey you are guaranteed that your instructions will be followed to the minutest detail.

 The structure and contents of your website is optimized to achieve maximum search engine visibility so your potential customers can find you when they search online.

Constant communication is maintained from the beginning of a transaction to the very end to enable our clients know the work progress, make alterations and get reviews.

About Us


We are a software development company whom through our numerous years of extensive experience in software development and remarkable dedication to undoubtedly providing innovative solutions has intentionally left a considerable legacy in the software industry.

At Smarmikey, we derive pleasure in connecting businesses with their potential clients by creating dynamic websites that cater to their unique needs.

We also fix and create WordPress websites.

With over 3 years of experience working on Fiverr, we have a remarkable 5-star rating from over 120 clients from all around the world. How cool is that?  😊

We are your one-stop web development company. You won’t regret choosing us, that’s a guarantee.

Our Vision

Next level quality in IT solutions

Creative & Professional digital agency!

Building smart applications to increase man’s productivity, save time and make life easier

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Our Skills

Meet our main skills

We are skilled in web technologies both frontend and backend where we use HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other cutting-edge frameworks and libraries like react, laravel, vue, graphql, bootstrap, prisma and apollo.

 We are also very skilled in the use of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal CMS platforms for expressing our creativity to our client through website building thereby helping them increase online presence and profit.


Our Services Include

We offer professional services geared towards helping businesses and individuals gain online presence and increase profit.  

We design elegant world-class UI and seamless UX strategically planned to fulfill its purpose

Google alone gets over 5.5 billion search per day, your business nitch is also searched. We will bring your website to the google search result front page. This will open more room for your business and drive the right client to your business

Top-notch software/websites built with excellence and professionalism  perfect for you/your business and it’s users

Smartmikey - social media management

With a market of over 3.8 billion people,  the social media is doubtlessly a market for your business, we will help you put up ads to create real conversion and revenue for your business


What our clients say about us

"I have worked with SmartMikey on a number of projects. From quick fixes to whole website design implementations. He does a great job of solving large and small issues. His communication is consistent and his pricing is always affordable. I will continue to use him whenever I need help."
Craig Staley
Founder of HG Site Design
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Alison Browning
"Review: AAA+ A Professional WordPress Development company - WordPress Expert!!! Great customer support. We are 100% satisfied with the SMARTMIKEY service."
Elan Ben Sahal
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Chan Wall
"I have been working with SmartMikey for a few months now, and they always deliver an excellent service and even go beyond what is required, to provide the best solution for a specific job."
Paulo Barbosa on smartmikey review
Paulo Barbosa
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Alfred Black

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